Being Salt and Light Part 5 - Loving the Community

October 28, 2012

Preacher Jeremy Ley continues the theme, Being Salt and Light, with the message; Loving the Community.  Using various Scriptures, he discusses 3 things God expects for his church with respect to Loving Community and 3 things the church needs if it is to do what God expects...


Being Salt and Light Part 4 - Loving the Church

October 21, 2012

Richard Powell reminds us how the world will know if we are Jesus' disciples if we love one another.


A Harvest of Souls

October 14, 2012

Pastor Richard Powell talks about our responsibility to pray to the Lord of the Harvest for more workers - including us - to come and work in the harvest field of the world.


Being Salt and Light Part 3 - Shining as Lights

October 7, 2012

Richard Powell continues our brand new series on Being Salt and Light by challenging us to shine as lights...  Please note this sermon may be in mono.