Go to God - Psalm 13:1-6

December 30, 2012

John Fanai exhorts us to 'Go to God!' at any and every opportunity - for God understands our weaknesses and will give us mercy and strength to overcome.


God in control of the future - Micah 5:2

December 23, 2012

Richard Powell shows us that God is in control of events and that the future will work out according to his will.


Romans 1:18-23 - Without Excuse

December 16, 2012

Richard Powell explains what it means to be without excuse when it comes to acknowledging God plus what the phrase ' the wrath of God is being revealed' means.


Romans 1:15-17 - Ashamed of the Gospel?

December 9, 2012

Pastor Richard Powell presents God's only tool for bringing people to the foot of the cross - the uncompromising gospel, wherein is the power of God for salvation...


Romans - Introduction Part 2: Christians in Rome, the receivers of the letter

December 4, 2012

Preacher John King continues our new theme in Romans by looking at Romans 1:7-15 "Introduction part 2 - Christians in Rome, the receivers of the letter.