Romans 3:1-8 - God’s Righteousness Upheld

January 27, 2013

Morval Pastor, Jim Hillier, takes a difficult passage of scripture in Romans 3:1-8 and deals with some hypothetical questions about judgement and sinful behaviour...


Romans 2:12-29 - Judgement and the Law

January 20, 2013

Pastor Richard Powell shows how people can depend and trust in the wrong things to save them from God's coming judgement.


Romans 2:1-11 - Judgement on Jews

January 13, 2013

Pastor Richard Powell challenges us to consider now only that certain people are worthy of God's judgement but we are too!


Romans 1:24-32 - The results of surpressing truth

January 6, 2013

Richard Powell lists the consequences of those who exchange the truth of God for a lie and compares it with todays society.