Romans 3:27-31 - Faith and Works

February 24, 2013

Mark Davey's presentation of Romans 3:27-31.


Romans 3:19-26 - God the Just and the Justifier

February 17, 2013

John King provides an excellent treatment of these verses from Romans 3 and offers a fresh and accurate perspective of what is meant by the word  'propitiation'.


Romans 3:21-25 - The Righteousness of God

February 10, 2013

Pastor Richard Powell contrasts the first 3 chapters of Romans up to v.20 with the first two words that begin Romans 3:21 - "But now..."  Having understood the account of God's righteous anger and judgement against us, we realise that we all have sinned and deserve punishment.  But now... now a righteousness from God has been revealed in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ so that by faith we might receive the gift of God's grace and forgiveness and be restored to him...


Romans 3:9-20 - God’s verdict on all humanity

February 3, 2013

Preacher Jeremy Ley emphasises the importance of taking what God has written about the origins of our fallen human nature.