Romans 5:12-14 - The reign of death

March 24, 2013

Pastor Richard Powell traces the origin of sin and death, how it affects everyone because of the single action of one man...


Romans 5:1-11 - How can you know you are saved?

March 17, 2013

Morval Pastor Jim Hillier provides a context to this chapter and much application with 4 evidences of salvation...


Romans 4:18-25 - Saving Faith

March 10, 2013

Pastor Richard looks at saving faith as opposed to just believing that there is a God.


Romans 4:1-17 - The Example of Abraham

March 3, 2013

Richard Powell explains why under God's wrath we are in a hopeless case unless ... we put our faith in person and work of Jesus Christ which leads God being able to declare us righteous.