Romans 6:1-10 - 3 Reasons Not To Sin - 1 - A New People

April 28, 2013

Pastor Richard Powell begins a three part mini-series within Romans as we reach chapter 6 and helps us to see why being saved should not lead to the conclusion that we can continue to sin.


Romans 5 - Does Romans Chapter 5 Teach Universalism?

April 21, 2013

Is salvation universal?  Do we all go to heaven when we die?  Has Jesus' death and resurrection resulted in eternal life for everyone so that none at all will perish and we will all be welcomed into the kingdom of God?  Jeremy Ley investigates by looking closely at what Romans chapter 5 teaches, with specific reference to verse 18...


Romans 5:12-21 - Dead in Adam, Alive in Christ

April 14, 2013

Pastor Richard Powell presents a superb analysis of Romans 5:12-21 contrasting the effects of Adam's disobedience with Christ's obedience.


2 Timothy 4 - Preach the Word!

April 7, 2013

John King aptly handles this passage and exhorts us to love scripture, feed on scripture and share scripture...


Romans 4:22 - Raised for our justification

April 2, 2013

Richard Powell delivers an Easter message using Romans chapter 4:22-25.