Are Christians Just Hypocrites?

May 27, 2013

Morval Pastor, Jim Hillier, answers the Big Question, 'Are Christians Just Hypocrites?'


Romans 7:7-13 - The Purpose of the Old Testament Law

May 26, 2013

Geoff Williams, our guest speaker, deals with Romans 7:7-13 exhorting us to find victory over sin by submitting to the power of Jesus.


Romans 7:1-6 - Released from the OT Law

May 19, 2013

Richard Powell explains why the Christian does not have to keep the Old Testament law in order to be saved.


Romans 6:15-23 - 3 Reasons Not To Sin - 3 - We must obey our Master

May 12, 2013

Richard Powell completes the mini series within our major series in Romans on 3 Reasons not to sin by explaining that we are all slaves.  The question is, who is your master - sin or Christ?


Romans 6:11-14 - 3 Reasons Not To Sin - 2 - Under Grace

May 5, 2013

Pastor Richard Powell continues to give us Biblical reasons why Christians cannot adopt a casual attitude toward sin just because they are saved.