Challenges from Jesus (3) - Mark.10:13-22

September 27, 2015

Richard Powell speaks about two types of approaches to Jesus.  Only one guarantees a place in heaven...


Challenges from Jesus (2) - Mat.5:38-48

September 21, 2015

Richard Powell continues our new series on 'Challenges from Jesus', with Matthew 5:38-48 - Love your enemies and do good to them.


Challenges from Jesus (1) - Mat.16:24-27

September 13, 2015

Richard Powell begins a new series on 'Challenges from Jesus', starting with Matthew 16:24-27 - Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Me.


Luke 4:16-21

September 6, 2015

Tony Jopson, a Christians Against Poverty representative from Plymouth, speaks on how Jesus came to set captives - bothfrom the penalty of sin and from the things that ensnare us like money.