Living with faith in uncertain times

June 26, 2016

Pastor Richard Powell responds to the Brexit vote that occured on the 23 June which resulted in Britain voting to leave the European Union.  How are Christians to react in this time of uncertainty?  Richard preaches from Psalm 46 to provide a both a Biblical example and answer...


Relationships (2) - Dating

June 19, 2016

Richard Powell continues our new series on relationships.  Today he takes a look at what Biblical principles can guide us when it comes to dating.


Relationships (1) - Marriage

June 12, 2016

Richard Powell opens a brand new topical series on relationships beginning with God's perspective on Marriage.


James 5:13-18 - An Exhortation To Pray

June 6, 2016

John Fanai develops James' exhortation to pray as we conclude our look at the book of James.