Acts 1:8 - You Will Be My Witnesses

August 29, 2016

John Fanai shares from the first chapter of Acts on what it means to be witnesses of Jesus Christ in the 21st Century.  Please note, sermon begins 44 seconds in.


Relationships (5) - Employers and Employees

August 15, 2016

Will Locher continues our series on Relationships and speaks about being Christlike Employers and Employees (sermon begins around 5 minutes and 5 seconds).


Jesus the Good Shepherd

August 11, 2016

Farmer Mark Thomas shares some thoughts on Jesus the Good Shepherd - and the sheep in his care.


Prayer (3) - Intercessory Prayer

August 2, 2016

Archie Gray wraps up our 3 part mini series on prayer by looking at the privilege and purpose of intercession.