Taming the Tongue

March 4, 2018

James 5:13-18 - An Exhortation To Pray

June 6, 2016

John Fanai develops James' exhortation to pray as we conclude our look at the book of James.


James 5:7-11 - Patience in Trials

May 29, 2016

Jeremy Ley demonstrates from this passage how James equips Christians to respond rightly to the trials of persecution and temptation.


James 5:1-6 - Warning to Rich Oppressors

May 22, 2016

Richard Powell explains how some modern businesses oppress their suppliers and workers because of greed and what the Bible has to say about how God - who notices all injustices - will judge them.


James 4: 13-17 - Do not boast about tomorrow

April 25, 2016

Patrick Buckley from Truro Evangelical Church speaks on covetousness and boasting from James 4:13-17.


James 4: 1-12 – Submit yourselves to God

April 18, 2016

Richard Powell speaks on what it really means to submit oneself to God as brothers and sisters in Christ from James 4:1-12.


James 3:13 – 18– Two Kinds of Wisdom

April 11, 2016

Richard speaks of those who are smart and those who are wise.  Being smart and being wise are very different from one another.  Richard explains why intelligence is not the same as wisdom and why true wisdom is more practical, based in God's will and enables someone to respond rightly to difficult situations and living as God would have us live.


James 3:1 – 12 – Taming the Tongue

April 3, 2016

Richard Powell talks about why those who wish to teach and preach in the church are carefully chosen before they are permitted to do so.  Also Richard explains how each member of the church can have either a positive or negative impact upon the body of Christ simply by what they say to one another.


James 2:14 – 26 – What Genuine Faith Looks Like

March 20, 2016

Richard Powell explains what James meant by "faith without works is dead" from James 2:14-26.


James 2:1-13 - Fairly and Equally

March 13, 2016

Reuben King opens up the second chapter in James, drawing out from the passage the emphasis on equality and mercy...