“…to be continued” - Lamentations 5

August 18, 2013

Visiting preacher and Antony Community Church Elder, John King, wraps up the final chapter of Lamentations.


A paper-thin permanence - Lamentations 4

August 11, 2013

Ian Thompson shares how God is always true to his word - even in judgement.  His message is stern, graphic but centered in reality.  Ian reminds us that there is much value from listening to and learning from this passage in Lamentations 4.


A right perspective on God - Lamentations 3

August 4, 2013

Richard Powell discusses how in the midst of being disciplined, we need a right perspective on God so that we understand that everything God does for his children - even when he disciplines them - is for their ultimate good.


Discipline is for a reason - Lamentations 2

July 28, 2013

Morval Pastor Jim Hiller delivers and excellent message on Lamentations 2, examining the scope of discipline and applying the message to God's New Covenant people of today.