Relationships (5) - Employers and Employees

August 15, 2016

Will Locher continues our series on Relationships and speaks about being Christlike Employers and Employees (sermon begins around 5 minutes and 5 seconds).


Relationships (4) - Parents and Children

July 10, 2016

Patrick Buckley continues our Relationship series by looking at Ephesians 5, emphasizing the importance of Children obeying and honouring their parents.


Relationships (3) - True Friendship

July 3, 2016

Richard Powell continues our series on relationships.  Today, Richard looks at what constitutes a friend, using the Bible to define what is and what is not true friendship.  He also challenges us to examine what our motives are for our interactions with others and provides scriptural examples of how real friends treat one another in both attitude and action.


Relationships (2) - Dating

June 19, 2016

Richard Powell continues our new series on relationships.  Today he takes a look at what Biblical principles can guide us when it comes to dating.


Relationships (1) - Marriage

June 12, 2016

Richard Powell opens a brand new topical series on relationships beginning with God's perspective on Marriage.