Romans 15:25-27 - Doxology

March 9, 2014

Richard Powell explains the significance of the doxology at the end of this great epistle.


Romans 15:14-33 - Final Greetings

March 2, 2014

Pastor Richard Powell concludes our great series in the book of Romans.


Romans 15:14-33 - Paul’s Ministry

February 23, 2014

Ian Thompson highlights some aspects of Paul's ministry to preach the gospel from Romans 15.


Romans 14 - Christian Unity Among Believers

February 16, 2014

Jeremy Ley explains Romans 14 and how it encourages Christians to pursue unity but not conformity in the body of Christ.


Romans 13 - Christian Unity and Secular Authority

February 9, 2014

Pastor Richard Powell continues our look at Church Unity in Romans by addressing the issue of whether Christians should submit to the secular authorities and whether there are times when the church should not.


Romans 12 - Your Spiritual Worship

February 2, 2014

Pastor Richard Powell turns the corner in Romans moving from doctrine to application and just how Christians affected by the gospel ought to behave.


Romans 11:33-35 - Doxology

January 8, 2014

John King helps us to ponder the depths of the wisdom and knowledge of God with this excellent exposition of the doxology in Romans 11:33-35.


God’s future plan for Israel

December 15, 2013

Pastor Richard Powell explains in a simple and clear presentation the meaning of Romans Chapter 11.


Romans 9:30-10:14 - Why have the Jews rejected Jesus?

December 1, 2013

Richard Powell concludes the question 'Why have the Jews rejected Jesus?' by looking at how the Jews stumbled over the stone of stumbling - Jesus Christ.


Romans 9:1-28 - God’s Sovereign Choice

November 24, 2013

Pastor Richard Powell presents Romans 9 and asks; who are the Israel of God?